Jernej Komac


 Women in Exile, Women at Home: Women’s Confrontation with the Great War in the District of Bovec


It was on the 23 of May 1915 when the Great war brought great changes to the judicial district of Bovec. The beginning of war between the Kingdom of Italy and Austria-Hungary was in the Bovec’s district followed by exile of most of the inhabitants and establishment of the front line, which divided the Bovec basin. Fates of the inhabitants were different as some had to search for refuge inside Italy, others inside Austria. Only the minority of people was allowed to stay at their homes in the rear of Isonzo front.

As through the course of war more and more men were enlisted care for families and homes mostly fell on women. In this paper I want to present women’s situations during the war as can be obtained through memoirs, letters, archive documents and other sources. I want to show the different situations that appeared between women at home and women in exile, as the latter were experiencing war in an unknown land, searching for shelter and trying to maintain their family. Doing so some of them turned out to be very resourceful, sometimes even on account of others.