Mariana Baidak

The letter came. Such feeling if war wanted to separate us again and it didn’t succeed”: family relations on materials of private correspondence in Austrian Galicia during First world war


Private correspondence played an important role in the forming of the family relations of Galicians during the First World War. The mobilization of men into the army, forced evictions or voluntary escapes divided close people for an indefinite period of time, thus forcing them to seek alternative ways of creating private and social ties. The war has led to a real “boom of letters” between the house and the front. Each of them had his own history of writing, sending / delivering, and, finally, reading. Despite different emotion, style, storyline, tone, language, letters from the front and to the front had a common task – unite native people. The focus of the study was on the private correspondence of Ukrainian and Polish families who were forced to build family relationships through letters during the war.

Each family relationship was special, with different principles, beliefs and habits in the basis during the war. Different spouses created their own world of values ​​depending on the level of education, professional training, social status, religion, public position, the totality of mental, hereditary characteristics, qualities of character, etc. Their letters created a unique experience of private (often intimate life). One or another family had to subordinate its life to those needs of wartime, to silence questions that were most interesting and talk about everyday life (sometimes insignificant). Because of hostilities, forced or voluntary eviction, many families were unable to communicate. Information was received from outsiders. Given this diversity of family practices in the study will be presented the different models of family relationships.